We, the Two Hippies, 2 Nerds, and a New Yorican, are simply students in and observers of the NYC area. Our members:

  • Jameswl1- James is the co-nerd of 2n2nny, a musician, and a part time hippie.
  • Cbezault- Mr. Bezault is the official french nerd-in-chief of the blog, who is also our technical support dude.
  • Raus- Brandon is the New Yorican, the graffitying, guitar-playing one who has probably the least computer-based expertise. But its alright.
  • angryhippie1- Jeremy is hippie #1,  arguer, and chief opinionated guy.
  • Soiffer- Hey, that’s me. I guess I’m the second hippie.

Contact Soiffer at wasrule@gmail.com


10 Responses to “Who We Are”

  1. winnie Says:

    woah! ur website looks amazing. very nice

  2. soiffer Says:

    thanks! its a work in progress.

  3. Rebecca Says:

    HEY HEY, this is really cool james 😀

    its becca by the way

  4. Rebecca Says:

    wait soiffer like children school soiffer. Cause if ur Jacob they HEY OMG THIS THIS IS BECCA, but if not i know a kid with the same last name as u

    <33 becca

  5. soiffer Says:

    Hey! yeah this is me, watsup?
    Yea, um- nobody else has my last name. its impossible.
    R u “Becca” now? should i call u that instead of Rebecca?

  6. laurie Says:

    wait whos becca btw i like site but you guys are so not hippies you wish

  7. marijo, gengen, izzo, skylark Says:

    dish ish purchy coooo

  8. Ariane Says:

    hahaa angryhippie1 nice
    tis is a really cool website, goo job!

  9. carolyne Says:

    Nice site!

  10. soiffer Says:

    And Becca is a girl who went to the same elementary school as me, james, fintan, kineta, allanah, and mavis.

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