You glance at your watch. You’re standing in line at the deli. You are anxious. You’re car is just around the corner, out of sight. You had no quarters left so you parked it on someone’s left over time. Bouncing up and down in your line, you silently beg for the Asian man behind the counter to hurry up. He pauses as he tries to ring up the item of the man three customers in front of you. His arm coming down again and again attempting to help his customer give him money, but each time, also a second closer to a ticket for you. Finally, the man second to the counter yells we haven’t got all day and the customer in front of the register goes to get another of the same item. This is yet another minute in your battle to stay sane as forces you cannot control dictate whether or not you get a sixty five dollar fee. You glance at your watch and you tell yourself you still have a few minutes. It’s finally your turn you quickly pay for your breakfast and sprint out of the deli and around the corner to your car only to see a cop start giving a ticket.  


Here are two poems also modeled after the poem “Dawn”-


Dawn in the West

Dawn in Battery Park hasAn extravagant twilight

As mysterious as a black hole

Devouring everything in its path

Most elegantly

Dawn in Battery Park symbolizes the existence of the non existent

And only rejects what is proven

Dawn in Battery Park is the death of sleep

And the birth of awakening

The birth of light

That is seldom appreciated

By the ruthless world we call New York City

Dawn in Battery Park is filled with the gleaming perception of reality

And with the endless possibilities of imagination

But is still not noticed like mid day

And midnight

But is rather appreciated by the complex minded
     By: Brandon Diaz


Noon in the East

Noon in the East is

silently waiting for life while

bald headed men listen to music

with the expressions of happy cows.

Noon in the East is

the streets like irregular aisles

and Yellow silk women blowing

clouds of tobacco smoke through the alleys.

Noon brings the desert to the East;

dust balls could roll down the streets and

no one could see them, cramped as they are

in their homely towering skyscrapers.

No one really knows what happens at Noon as

men with calloused hands and business suits

stare out their windows at the great

green-hued hall of the world.

The night knows its place among the

mass of people and the dark alleys.

The morning is muted by voices and steps,

but Noon is the desert time, the time of nothing. 

     by: Jacob Soiffer

We need to prepare students for 21st century jobs. Employers say that they are looking for workers who can devise new solutions. But how will kids who have spent 12 years learning to keep their pencil marks inside the bubbles ever be able to think outside the box?”
–Randi Weingarten

I like this quote….

(thanks Greg)

You might imagine all guns are violent or threatening. That is the complete opposite at Hornet Nest’s Paintball in Ancramdale, NY about an hour and a half from NYC. It might seem like a long distance away but it’s worth it. The Taconic State Parkway’s scenic route is beautiful on the way up and no worries about crowds and terrible parking there is always plenty of room. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful when it comes to anything paintball related. Their rental gun choices include the Ion and the Tippman 98 Custom, paintball’s most used guns. These are never in short supply and each rental is $30.00 and that comes with 500 rounds of paint, a mask, a pod pack and a CO2 tank, for paintball that’s cheap and the fields cost ten dollars to play on per week.

The fields are huge and are set up in extremely strategic ways. There’s a castle, trenches, a CQC court, a speedball court, a large field set up with bunkers, several forest courses and a town. The castle is set upon a hill with its back to a forest. The castle has three rooms and windows to shoot in and out of. The coolest part about it is that it is completely made of Coca-Cola cases. The battles that rage on that hill are always fierce as the attackers try and rush the castle from the front or flank it from the forest the battle will always be intense. You can only imagine the sensation of being part of a group fighting for a single objective. The thrill of rushing in, shooting with someone at your back. It is unbelievable. The fields are never empty there is always a group of people there playing, often from NYC. Whether it’s playing a game of fifteen minute three on three speedball or a thirty-six on thirty-six three hour long tournament, you will never be alone at Hornet’s Nest Paintball. Also if you think for a second that every single person that goes in there is an ARA members and have real guns, you are way off mark. Most of the people who go there hate guns and see paintball as an “extreme” sport. With an extra layer of clothing the paintballs don’t even sting. The entire place is big on security: You have to sign a waiver and watch a safety video before you go out on the field. If you want to have some exhilarating and safe fun with your friends for fair price this is the place to go. 

The process of hopping on the Delancey street F train is very unique due to a number of simple factors. As you walk down those corroded set of steps, your first view of this place is a bunch of cheap propaganda posters on a dirty tiled wall. You walk to the machine money in hand, mindlessly paying attention to your surroundings. The worker at the booth being bombarded with a billion questions, tourists staring at a map of the trains, clueless as to where they are and where they want to go. As you go through the turnstile, you see your train pull up and you say your goodbyes to this microcosm of an underground world thinking, “ what an odd place to be in”.

By: Brandon Diaz

Dawn in New York is:

A breath of fresh air,

An inhalation

Of new life and opportunity.

Dawn in New York is a marvel

Of sun, emerging atop silver horizon,

Of glass and steel buildings, towering over the city

Glimmering with hope

That the day to come shall be one filled with success.

Dawn of New York watches:

When the birds glide through the sky;

Dotted with clouds and saturated with wonder

Crowds run through the diverse maze of people,

Businessmen cling to leather briefcases

Students run clutching their books

 Citizens see scores of yellow cabs, green starbucks, countless pizza shops,

And tall skyscrapers, ablaze from the morning sun.

Dawn of New York heralds:

To members of every borough,

To awaken

To begin the rituals of the day’s beginning.

To grab a cup of coffee, scramble for a Times and desperately hail a cab is a rootless science.

Dawn of New York proudly:

Exemplifies the perfect city,

As the world looks to it in awe,

A land resting above a hill

People jubilant knowing that they just escaped the boredom of regularity.

Getting on the Holland Tunnel is like migrating with a pack or herd of Elephants.
Cars are everywhere and noise is a barrier between you and the rest of society, while going at the speed of a mini cooper on a Sunday stroll. Hearing the people in their cars screaming, shouting, and the blasting sound of honking horns in harmony. My boredom level goes through the roof and the thought of asking “are we there yet” crosses my mind a billion times. What seems like hours pass as we get closer and closer, and the smell of rotten everything passes through my naval cavities. Sooner or later I begun to see the light at the end of the tunnel and my mind goes spastic with happy thoughts of finally being able to get out of that crowded, smelly hellhole.

By Raus6595