This is the first of our periodic updates on some of the new things you might end up seeing on the sight.

  • First, you can find a personality quiz, which 2h2nny author are you? on the homepage.  NOTE: the last, starred question is actually an ad. Select no or you will get a pop-up pertaining to that ad. 

  • You may have noticed the new Ask the Hippies and Ask the Nerds pages. Feel free to ask us anything. 

  • Last week’s poll is closed, and we’ve posted a new one! Hopefully we’ll get many more of your opinions this time! 

  • There is also a possibility that in the near future you could expect a short music video from us. We are very musical people- James plays the piano, guitar, and keyboard, Soiffer plays the guitar and drums, Brandon plays the guitar, and Curtis plays the bass. So maybe we can put our talents to work! 

  • We just posted a ton of reviews, vignettes, and poems. Check them out on our homepage!

So dont forget to continue checking, because new and exciting things are always being added to the site.


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