Bursting with speed, you race out of the house. Knowing that you’re already running late, you sprint around aimlessly, while trying to map out the quickest way to get to the destination. Considering a cab, you remember the driving rain that’s soaking you and deduce that it would be impossible to find one. Option two would be the bus arriving across the street, but that would only take you five blocks away from where you need to be, plus you realize forgot your metro card. The rain freezing you, it is decided that the Subway is the only other way. Racing down the stairs and to the metro card machine, you see the “broken, do not use” sign posted. Alternatively, you turn to the machine beside it, only to discover that you’re out of bills, you resort to searching for any coins you can find. While doing so, a person behind you asks to ” quickly go ahead of you?”. You reply: “I really have to rush”. They say in a calloused tone that “everyone has places to be”, but you just clutch the bare minimum needed for a round trip pass, collect your card and race to your platform. Praying that your train is still there, you quickly run down more stairs, only to hear the loud screeches of the last subway car drain into the dark tunnel. Soaked and disappointed, you decide to check your cell phone messages, only to see that your event was cancelled twenty minutes ago.