You glance at your watch. You’re standing in line at the deli. You are anxious. You’re car is just around the corner, out of sight. You had no quarters left so you parked it on someone’s left over time. Bouncing up and down in your line, you silently beg for the Asian man behind the counter to hurry up. He pauses as he tries to ring up the item of the man three customers in front of you. His arm coming down again and again attempting to help his customer give him money, but each time, also a second closer to a ticket for you. Finally, the man second to the counter yells we haven’t got all day and the customer in front of the register goes to get another of the same item. This is yet another minute in your battle to stay sane as forces you cannot control dictate whether or not you get a sixty five dollar fee. You glance at your watch and you tell yourself you still have a few minutes. It’s finally your turn you quickly pay for your breakfast and sprint out of the deli and around the corner to your car only to see a cop start giving a ticket.