You might imagine all guns are violent or threatening. That is the complete opposite at Hornet Nest’s Paintball in Ancramdale, NY about an hour and a half from NYC. It might seem like a long distance away but it’s worth it. The Taconic State Parkway’s scenic route is beautiful on the way up and no worries about crowds and terrible parking there is always plenty of room. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful when it comes to anything paintball related. Their rental gun choices include the Ion and the Tippman 98 Custom, paintball’s most used guns. These are never in short supply and each rental is $30.00 and that comes with 500 rounds of paint, a mask, a pod pack and a CO2 tank, for paintball that’s cheap and the fields cost ten dollars to play on per week.

The fields are huge and are set up in extremely strategic ways. There’s a castle, trenches, a CQC court, a speedball court, a large field set up with bunkers, several forest courses and a town. The castle is set upon a hill with its back to a forest. The castle has three rooms and windows to shoot in and out of. The coolest part about it is that it is completely made of Coca-Cola cases. The battles that rage on that hill are always fierce as the attackers try and rush the castle from the front or flank it from the forest the battle will always be intense. You can only imagine the sensation of being part of a group fighting for a single objective. The thrill of rushing in, shooting with someone at your back. It is unbelievable. The fields are never empty there is always a group of people there playing, often from NYC. Whether it’s playing a game of fifteen minute three on three speedball or a thirty-six on thirty-six three hour long tournament, you will never be alone at Hornet’s Nest Paintball. Also if you think for a second that every single person that goes in there is an ARA members and have real guns, you are way off mark. Most of the people who go there hate guns and see paintball as an “extreme” sport. With an extra layer of clothing the paintballs don’t even sting. The entire place is big on security: You have to sign a waiver and watch a safety video before you go out on the field. If you want to have some exhilarating and safe fun with your friends for fair price this is the place to go.