The Stuyvesant town green market

When one must shop for food, often like instinct the first word that pops into your head is supermarket. Well sometimes instincts aren’t correct. This proves itself at the Stuyvesant town green market. Sure, it may be inconvenient for some, but it’s always worth the trip. In the middle of Stuyvesant town there is a huge oval where the market takes place, and by 9:00 am you can be searching through delicious cheeses, scrumptious fruits or delectable vegitables. 

The selection of the market is unbeatable, you can find just about any sort of naturally grown food there with remarkable variety. All of the food is locally grown, which is very good for the environment, and nearly everything is organic. And while at the supermarket food could have been preserved for however long, you cannot compare to the taste of fresh from the field where produce is grown. The crowd is never, well its never crowded, and the people selling the food are very kind. Not only does shopping at the green market at Sty town boast its ecological and taste advantages over the supermarket, but food also comes at extremely reasonable prices. The view of Stuyvesant town is just as natural as its market, providing asthetic pleasure to accompany the already wonderful experience. So stop by if you want great produce at low costs with kind people and a nice view, and it’s beneficial to the environment. In shorter terms, stop by.