A Review/Rant by James Wallace-Lee


The Best Place to see Expensive Food Burned

Di Fara’s Pizza

1424 Ave. J, Brooklyn, NY 11230 at E. 15th St


Pizza does not seem hard to make. It seems that all you have to do is make some dough, flatten it, put toppings on, and put it in the oven. But for Dom, the old Italian fart who seems to have been running Di Fara’s since the invention of fire, thinks the process isn’t that easy.

My family walked into the place one Sunday night after hearing that it was the best pizza in Brooklyn. So, we drove out to the middle of nowhere, only to find that the fabled pizza place was a little brick room with two tables and a wall of reviews that we would later see as very strangely positive. There was no place to sit; we had to wait fifteen minutes just to order because the crowd of was so large.

But for those as unfortunate as us to stop by there, the horror goes on. The pizza pies are $24 or a whopping $4 a slice! Ordering is just as terrible; the man who takes the orders has no particular method of arranging them and makes no effort to identify which people in the crowd had ordered which pizza. In our case, the wait was another hour after we ordered, during which we saw the man burn and throw away at least four pies. Watching him was a depressing and angering experience for me, because it seemed he put so much care into each pizza, but then burned every one! We pushed back up to the table about then, and when we asked the guy there, he said we were still six pies behind. We walked out of the restaurant after an hour and a half, feeling annoyed and hungry.

                Later that week, my mom brought home a pie. I had a slice, and saw why it was considered to be the best pizza in Brooklyn: it’s smothered in olive oil and basil, creating one of the most wonderful tastes. But even so, don’t try waiting there; you’ll want to punch someone on your way out.

The pizza tastes great, but it’s only for people who have the time, patience, and money to get through the agonizing process of getting a pizza.