Here are two poems also modeled after the poem “Dawn”-


Dawn in the West

Dawn in Battery Park hasAn extravagant twilight

As mysterious as a black hole

Devouring everything in its path

Most elegantly

Dawn in Battery Park symbolizes the existence of the non existent

And only rejects what is proven

Dawn in Battery Park is the death of sleep

And the birth of awakening

The birth of light

That is seldom appreciated

By the ruthless world we call New York City

Dawn in Battery Park is filled with the gleaming perception of reality

And with the endless possibilities of imagination

But is still not noticed like mid day

And midnight

But is rather appreciated by the complex minded
     By: Brandon Diaz


Noon in the East

Noon in the East is

silently waiting for life while

bald headed men listen to music

with the expressions of happy cows.

Noon in the East is

the streets like irregular aisles

and Yellow silk women blowing

clouds of tobacco smoke through the alleys.

Noon brings the desert to the East;

dust balls could roll down the streets and

no one could see them, cramped as they are

in their homely towering skyscrapers.

No one really knows what happens at Noon as

men with calloused hands and business suits

stare out their windows at the great

green-hued hall of the world.

The night knows its place among the

mass of people and the dark alleys.

The morning is muted by voices and steps,

but Noon is the desert time, the time of nothing. 

     by: Jacob Soiffer