Rain at Jay Street

            The rain cascades into the subway station, puddling, dripping, filling, and invading the edges between commuters’ shoes.  He trudges, boots soaked, towards the front of the train, where his chances of getting a seat are higher. Every station he exits on the platform and moves forward a car, rather than risking the wet metal walkway between cars. He glances at the advertisements of each passing car- the wrestlers with copyright names, the online colleges, and the “Energy Saving Tips.” Tip #67- Seal your windows with our QuickSeal™ Technology! Slipping on the wet floor, covered in coffee, water and piss, he knocks into a pole. An old Jewish man, adjusting his yarmulke, moves his seat to make room for the disgruntled passenger. Multiple squeakings of shoes ensue. He sits, closes his eyes, and tunes his ears away.