Dawn in New York is:

A breath of fresh air,

An inhalation

Of new life and opportunity.

Dawn in New York is a marvel

Of sun, emerging atop silver horizon,

Of glass and steel buildings, towering over the city

Glimmering with hope

That the day to come shall be one filled with success.

Dawn of New York watches:

When the birds glide through the sky;

Dotted with clouds and saturated with wonder

Crowds run through the diverse maze of people,

Businessmen cling to leather briefcases

Students run clutching their books

 Citizens see scores of yellow cabs, green starbucks, countless pizza shops,

And tall skyscrapers, ablaze from the morning sun.

Dawn of New York heralds:

To members of every borough,

To awaken

To begin the rituals of the day’s beginning.

To grab a cup of coffee, scramble for a Times and desperately hail a cab is a rootless science.

Dawn of New York proudly:

Exemplifies the perfect city,

As the world looks to it in awe,

A land resting above a hill

People jubilant knowing that they just escaped the boredom of regularity.