A take-out spot sandwiched between two buildings on Rivington Street, Neighburrito is not the first place you notice when taking a stroll around SoHo. However, when you step inside, you are immediately impressed by the collaged walls, which are covered in black-and-white photographs of various locals. You will also notice the old-fashioned wooden bar and square, colorful fold-out menus. Neighburrito is the ultimate neighborhood spot- the staff tend to know all their customers on a first name basis.

            The wait is not long, even around lunch time, so you shouldn’t worry. A completely tattooed woman in her twenties or thirties will refrain from talking to her friends to take your order, and your food will be out in 5-10 minutes. As you wait you can listen to the background classic blues-rock music, or chat with the other friendly customers. The people who generally eat there are in their twenties, and are the general population of SoHo- whether they are bankers or artists, they are wearing street clothes.

Ordering is not too hard, since the build-your-own burrito option on the menu caters to all burrito-lovers. For serious carnivores, there are Carnitas (Pork), Carne Asada (Spiced Steak), Chicken, Tilapia, and Chorizo. For vegetarians, the menu offers Soy Cheese, Portobello Shrooms, Lime-Cumin Marinated Crumbled Tofu, Spicy Scrambled Eggs, and Vegetarian Soysage. On top of all this, you can take your pick out of thirteen different “Fixings,” including everything from Mango Salsa to Tofu Sour Cream.

            The good food keeps on coming! If you don’t have the time or creativity to build your own burrito, there are nine Signature burritos (all made to order), including an amazing Breakfast Burrito, as well as several tacos and quesadillas, customizable salads, Homemade traditional drinks (Horchata, Habiscus, and Tamarindo), and Mexican Coca-Cola with real sugar (ten times better than your average bottle of coke, and served in an old glass bottle)!

            As far as price goes, I would recommend the build your own option, or the signature burritos. You can get a plain burrito with chips and salsa for $4, while add-ons range from $.50 to $3. The drinks and salads are slightly pricey, but everything there is homemade that day, so you can’t blame them.

            Despite being made to order, the food comes fast and is served to you bundled together in a fast-food-type cardboard box. So, when you walk out into the cold you’ll have something quick, warm, and delicious to eat.